Cocktail of the week: Hertford House’s cedar bloom – recipe

Taking inspiration from a cedar tree planted 20 years ago by our MD Daniel Shipton, this drink represents the spirit of Hertford House: fragrant strawberries and colourful Aperol come together to bring a hint of fun to your spirit of choice, be that an aromatic Chilean pisco or a refreshing, classic gin.

Cedar Bloom
Serves 1

2 strawberries, plus ½ strawberry extra to garnish
20ml gomme syrup
35ml gin or pisco
20ml Aperol
25ml lemon juice

Muddle (ie, crush) the strawberries in the base of a shaker, then pour in the syrup, followed by the gin or pisco, Aperol and lemon juice. Add a big handful of ice, shake vigorously, then strain into a rocks glass filled with more ice. Garnish with the strawberry half and enjoy.